221B Baker Street - Index of Dates and Codes


Index of Publication Dates and Title Codes

This index lists the four-letter abbreviations which are used to refer to Watson's chronicles of Holmes' cases, and gives their dates of publication. The dates are for the appearance of each chronicle in the Strand. See the footnotes for those chronicles that did not apppear in the Strand.

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Code   Story Published
3GABThe Three Gables1926October
3GARThe 3 Garridebs1925January
3STUThe Three Students1904June
ABBEThe Abbey Grange1904September
BERYThe Beryl Coronet1892May
BLACBlack Peter1904March
BLANThe Blanched Soldier1926November
BLUEThe Blue Carbuncle1892January
BOSCThe Boscombe Valley Mystery1891October
BRUCThe Bruce-Partington Plans1908December
CARDThe Cardboard Box1893January
CHASCharles Augustus Milverton1904April
COPPThe Copper Beeches1892June
CREEThe Creeping Man1923March
CROOThe Crooked Man1893July
DANCThe Dancing Men1903December
DEVIThe Devil's Foot1910December
DYINThe Dying Detective1913December
EMPTThe Empty House1903October
ENGRThe Engineer's Thumb1892March
FINAThe Final Problem1893December
FIVEThe Five Orange Pips1891November
GLORThe 'Gloria Scott'1893April
GOLDThe Golden Pince Nez1904July
GREEThe Greek Interpreter1893September
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesI,II1901August
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesIII,IV1901September
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesV,VI1901October
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesVII,VIII1901November
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesIX1901December
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesX,XI1902January
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesXII1902February
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesXIII,XIV1902March
HOUNHound of the BaskervillesXIV,XV1902April
IDENA Case of Identity1891September
ILLUThe Illustrious Client1925May
LADYDisappearance of Lady Francis Carfax1911December
LASTHis Last Bow1917September
LIONThe Lion's Mane1926December
MAZAThe Mazarin Stone1921October
MISSThe Missing Three Quarter1904August
MUSGThe Musgrave Ritual1893May
NAVAThe Naval TreatyI1893October
NAVAThe Naval TreatyII1893November
NOBLThe Noble Bachelor1892April
NORWThe Norwood Builder1903November
PRIOThe Priory School1904February
REDCThe Red CircleI1911March
REDCThe Red CircleII1911April
REDHThe Red Headed League1891August
REIGThe Reigate Squires1893June
RESIThe Resident Patient1893August
RETIThe Retired Colourman1927January
SCANA Scandal in Bohemia1891July
SECOThe Second Stain1904December
SHOSShoscombe Old Place1927April
SIGNThe Sign of (the) Four1890February(2)
SILVSilver Blaze1892December
SIXNThe Six Napoleons1904May
SOLIThe Solitary Cyclist1904January
SPECThe Speckled Band1892February
STOCThe Stockbroker's Clerk1893March
STUDA Study in Scarlet1887November(1)
SUSSThe Sussex Vampire1924January
THORThor BridgeI1922February
THORThor BridgeII1922March
TWISThe Man with the Twisted Lip1891December
VALLThe Valley of FearI1914September
VALLThe Valley of FearII1915May
VEILThe Veiled Lodger1927February
WISTWisteria LodgeI1908September
WISTWisteria LodgeII1908October
YELLThe Yellow Face1893February


1.Beeton's Christmas Annual.
2.Lippincott's Monthly Magazine.

  Published by Django Moriarty